We stock 2' twin fluorescents in 12V DC, 24V DC, 110V DC and 240V AC 50Hz/60Hz as well as emergency lighting models. From the Chalmit stainless steel models down to the Artic fibreglass and Spitzbergen rough sea service models which feature a polymer gear tray, there is something to fit all applications and budgets.
Chalmit stainless steel fluorescents.
Artic fibreglass fluorescents
500w Powerflood.
Halogen, metal halide and high pressure sodium floodlights. The cast aluminium bodied 500w and 1000w Powerfloods are very attractively priced flood lighting solutions. We stock some Norselight products and spares as well as a vast range of lamps and general lighting spares. See the lamps/gear page.
500w Budget flood.
1000W Powerflood.
Metal Halide Floodlamps.
Navigation lamps and spares. We supply Aqua signal Nav lights and also undertake repair and replacement work. No mast to high!
Aqua Signal Navigation lamps over 50m.
Aqua Signal Navigation lamps up to 50m.
  • Worklight
  • Bunklight
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